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The yacht was built, launched and trialed by George Nicholson from the famous Camper and Nicholson yard. The current owner had the pleasure of speaking to George in 2016 where the latter clearly described the time the boat was built and launched. He also provided photography and hand-written notes from the original sea trial (some of which we have available for the new owner).
Little is known of her early ownership and operation, though we know the boat moved to Hong Kong in the 1990’s where she was operated by a major company and we are in touch with the Captain from that period.
Approximately 10 years ago, she was acquired by 2 business partners from the mining business who decided to locate her in the Philippines in order to do long range remote trips and go diving. She has successfully operated there ever since.
The current owners put a lot of money into the boat to bring her back to top standard. In 2017 she made a 3,000-mile round trip to Singapore which once again proved her sea-worthiness and range capabilities.
A Close-up Overview
Upon entering this vessel from the stern, one would immediately be pleased by the classic interior, from the Titanic-esque chairs and sofas to the teak-lined flooring and walls. All throughout the boat, you are given a feeling of entering another point in history. There is even a loaded bookshelf to help you pass the time while out on sea – talk about having a “no internet policy” trip!
The dining room and living quarters are fashioned to give the passengers the maximum amount of comfort possible, and the boat even has a fully-functioning galley that can serve large groups of passengers.
What Celandine is Best Suited for
Due to her design and size, Celandine is good for a variety of purposes. These include, but are not limited to:
Long-range cruises (island hopping, or even visiting various ports for long-distance travels);
Corporate hospitality & events;
Diving and other water-related activities;
As a liveaboard.
Celandine is a classic gentleman’s-style yacht from the famous and historical Camper & Nicholsons Gosport yard. Its design is meant to give you that historical look, but don’t let that fool you – Celandine may be aged, but she is at her peak condition, due to the upgrades her current owners did for her.
Celandine also boasts a huge open top deck, which can be used for a variety of purposes and can fit large groups of people for events or parties. Its interior likewise, provides both space and comfort to the passengers of the vessel.
Due to Celandine’s classic and simple design, it is easy to operate. In addition to this, its fuel-efficient engines allow the vessel to be taken to long trips more than most other vessels of
Why You’ld Fall in Love with Celandine
Celandine is almost 60 years old, but because of the extensive upgrades that her current owners put into her, she combines a classic look with modern capabilities.
Celandine’s fuel-efficient engines also mean that she offers low operating costs, and with her size and design, she can be used for various purposes. Buying Celandine will definitely give you a joy of owning a piece of history.
Why Celandine is for Sale
While Celandine remains top of the line, the 2 current owners of the boat have shifted their business interests and now spend their time travelling, thus heavily limiting them from using the yacht.

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Mr Wiliam Schick
11 Cove Drive, One Degree 15 Marina Club

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